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👉 Tutorials

To create a new project, there are two ways:

1- Using a model

To create a project, click on the topic of interest to discover the available models on the subject. Click on the model to see more information, such as a demo dashboard and main indicators.

If you want to use it, click “Use template” and name it to create the project.

2 – Creating your own template

At the end of the available theme options, click on “Create project” and name it. This way, the project is created and the questionnaire can be implemented from scratch, without suggestions from the platform.

On the questionnaire implementation page, it is possible to include some information so that the questionnaire can be generated, such as the size of the target audience, customization of colors, logo, titles and descriptions, definition of variables and inclusion of new questions.

Once done, click on “Preview” to preview the questionnaire and, when finished, click on “Finish Questionnaire”.

After completing the implementation of the questionnaire, the response collection page will open. By clicking on “Start collection”, the page will be directed to the collection monitoring, where the link and QRCode for the survey will be available. Just copy and shoot on the channels you prefer.

It is not necessary to increase the respondent base, as the survey will be triggered by you, sharing the link or QRCode.

On the collection tracking page you can monitor the progress of the collection. The calculation of the ideal sample is based on the size of the target audience (universe) informed when implementing the questionnaire. When reaching this audience, the sample is considered reliable and the results valid.

The collection can be completed automatically by clicking on the “End Collection” button.

It is not possible to view the results of individual indicators and questions before the collection is complete. However, it is possible to monitor the results of the profile questions on the collection tracking page while the collection is active.

👉 Functionalities

Yes. When implementing the questionnaire, it is possible to add new questions, as well as make adjustments to some of the questions available in the chosen model.

Additionally, you can create a completely new quiz by creating questions. To do this, click on “Create project” in the menu of available projects.

The possible types of questions to create are: Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Scale from 1 to 10 and Scale Matrix from 1 to 10.

Yes! Indicafix was always built taking into account the opinions and suggestions of our testers, customers and colleagues. We want it to continue growing to meet the needs of more and more professionals!

To indicate new themes and make other suggestions, send an email to

It is currently not possible to integrate external data within the platform. This is Indicafix’s objective for the future 🚀. But tell us your challenge, we can contribute in other ways 🙂 Just click here.

👉 Account and Contracting

Free access to the platform allows you to see all available themes and templates, main indicators and demo dashboards.

You cannot create projects with these templates, only view them.

To hire, speak to Indicafix by clicking here or send an email to

Send a Whatsapp or an email to and we will send you a proposal for your approval.

The process is very quick so you can enjoy everything Indicafix can offer!

For security reasons, to change the user’s email, it is necessary to contact us via Whatsapp or send an email to with the subject “Email change”.

No, only an email and password can access the account.

Yes. To activate two-factor authentication, simply access the “My Account” section in the side menu and enable the two-factor authentication button. Click “Save changes”.

Once this is done, with each login a code will be sent via registered email.

👉 ABC of measurement

The universe is the entire audience to which the survey will be sent. In other words, if the sending will be made to the entire company leadership, which corresponds to 387 professionals, this will be the universe of the research.

Therefore, the universe varies according to the purpose of the research, which sometimes targets the entire organization, other times specific audiences.

We created a special e-book on the main terms in the world of measurement, to access it, click here.

To consider a survey valid, that is, for it to represent what that universe thinks, we need a minimum number of respondents. This is because, if this number is not reached, it is possible that the results do not reflect the general reality.

Therefore, a calculation is made to find out the minimum number of responses necessary for the results to be considered reliable.

In addition, we provide access to partial research data in relation to the demographic profile in the “collection monitoring” area. This way, it is possible to monitor the profiles that responded the most or with which audiences it is necessary to reinforce communication. This functionality allows us to understand whether the responses collected can be considered a representative sample, that is, one that actually represents different audience profiles.

We created a special e-book on the main terms in the world of measurement, to access it, click here.

Variables are the specific information that the user needs to define to perform a search. For example: when using a training evaluation model, it will be necessary to insert the variable “training name” so that the questions in the questionnaire are in accordance with the researched action.

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Send a Whatsapp or an email to

Send a Whatsapp or an email to